Touch Rugby

Touch rugby is a fast paced, mixed gender and minimal contact sport.

Many key skills (passing, running, manipulating defences) are similar to rugby sevens, however the tackle has been replaced with a ‘touch’ to make the game more accessible. A touch is any contact with the clothes, body or ball of an attacking player.

The focus of the sport is on speedy play, agility and clean passing in phases of six ‘touches’. Momentum is controlled by strict refereeing of a 5m offside rule (similar to rugby league). Many of the tactics of the game are based around use of this offside rule to create gaps in defences.

The game is played six a side on half a rugby pitch (sideways). The game is very fast paced, so rolling substitutions are used throughout play. No kicking is allowed and a try is worth one point.

Game duration and pool size will be determined by number of teams entered.

Please note: Rugby skills are key, however this is not contact rugby. Any use of force (wrap tackles, dropping shoulders, etc) will result in players being sent off and the possibility of disqualification.

Want to practice?

Exeter Touch Rugby welcomes all players to attend our Monday night sessions (1800 at Flowerpots Playing Fields) as a chance to practice, keep fit and learn the game in a fun and friendly atmosphere. We also have a successful competitive squad who train every Thursday.

For details and contact information please see

Playing by the rules

  • 6 players, (3 men, 3 women must be on the pitch at all times).
  • Squad size of up to 10 (with rolling subs).

Full Federation International Touch rules will be refereed at the event.

Here is a summary of the key rules to be aware of:

  • No kicking
  • The offside line
  • The dummy half
  • Playing the ball from the point a touch is made (mark of touch)
  • A try is scored when the ball is placed on or behind the try line, without a touch being made
  • The referee’s judgement is final

This year we will be using the King Court format. Easy – work your way up to the top court: The King’s Court…

The Draw / Tournament

  • Round robin with pool placings decided by points (W3, D1, L0)
  • After this point difference, followed by points scored
  • If teams are still tied then a coin toss will be used

The Knockouts

  • Placing in the pool stages will split into knockout stages which will place teams
  • Knockout fixtures will be released once teams are confirmed nearer the event
  • The game is played six a side on half a rugby pitch (sideways)

A try is scored when the ball is placed on or behind the try line, without a touch being made.

The Ball

  • Touch balls are oval and slightly smaller than rugby league balls. The official size is 36 cm long and 55 cm in circumference, also sometimes known as rugby size 4


  • Players typically wear light clothing such as T-shirts or polo shirts and shorts.
  • All shirts must be numbered.
  • Women generally wear lycra bike shorts, athletic briefs or swimsuit-style lycra bodysuits.
  • You can wear trainers or specialised touch shoes (like hockey/cricket shoes with soft rubber cleats or moulded-sole football boots)
  • Studs or screw-in cleats are allowed and will be preferable in rainy conditions so please check the forecast before hand.

Time / Location

Tuesday 27th June 2017

5.30pm – 9.00pm

Flowerpot Playing Fields, Flowerpot Ln, Exeter EX4 1DH


Public Transport

The nearest train station is St Thomas and is approximately 10 minutes walk to Flowerpots Playing Fields.

The nearest bus is the P that stops opposite Emmanuel Church and is a short walk past the allotments or via Flowerpots past the skate park.

There is parking available in the public car parking next to the Royal Oak Pub (please do not use the pub’s car park) and Flowerpots car park located on the right before passing under the railway bridge on Okehampton Road.

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