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Bell Boat Racing

An evening of Bell Boat racing on the River Exe.

Bell Boats are 9 metres long and 1.4 metres wide. The craft has twin hulls with a central non-slip deck area and seats on either side. Bell Boats are extremely stable and are great for introducing all ages to water sports. Designed by Olympic Canoe Coach David Train, its purpose is to remove the fear of taking part and to help with team work and co-operation.

5.00pm – 5.30pm registration with the briefing at 5.45pm at the Transit Shed (outside The Prospect Inn). Races will start and finish from the Transit shed on Exeter Quay from 6pm onwards.

Playing by the rules

  • Crews of 8, consisting of 8 paddlers and 1 helm (member of haven banks staff)
  • Equal gender split 50/50 male female.
  • One team member is to be designated team captain. The team captain must register your team on arrival.

Your team of eight will race along the river Exe over the course of the evening. We may team businesses up if they have smaller numbers than eight on the evening.

Prior to each race the team will have a short period of coaching before reaching the start line. They will line up and race over a short course in full view of everyone on the river. Where your supporters can cheer your team on.

Loose warm/cool comfortable clothing, (not jeans) and/or shorts and T-shirt if the weather is warm.

Crews – Crews of 8, consisting of 8 paddlers and 1 helm (member of haven banks staff)

Embarking – Crews must report to the equipment area, when called forward on the PA System. This will normally be during the previous race.
Crews failing to report on time may be disqualified from the competition. It is paramount to the smooth running of the event that crews report to the equipment area in plenty of time.

Starts – Crews must be ready to board the relevant Bell Boats when called forward. All races will be started without reference to absentees.

Starting Position – The position of the Bell Boats on the start line shall be that the foremost part of each boat is on the start line and that both boats are aligned.

Starting Procedure – When the starter is satisfied that all the Bell Boats are correctly aligned, the starter shall alert the crews by saying ‘Are you ready’. IF THE CREW IS NOT READY, the Helm is to indicate this situation by raising a hand clearly above head height and keeping it there, until the starter acknowledges the situation.

Start –
When the starter is satisfied that all crews ‘are ready’ the starter shall give the starting signal and then drop a Flag.

False Starts –
The Starter shall determine if a False Start has been made and will immediately recall the crews by shouting STOP, STOP, STOP.

Finishes –
After finishing a race, each participating crew must return immediately to the embarking area

Disembarking –
After disembarking from the boat the crew is responsible for immediately returning the paddles and buoyancy aids used to the equipment area.

Race Conduct –
Crews must abide by the Helms instructions at all times. It is forbidden to knowingly impede other boats. Helms must order their paddlers to ‘stop paddling’ if a collision is imminent. CREWS THAT DO NOT STOP PADDLING AND, BY SO DOING CAUSE A COLLISION, RISK BEING DISQUALIFIED FROM THE COMPETITION.

Collisions – Any crew that causes a boat to collide with another one, whilst racing or that damages the boat or paddles of another crew, or that deliberately swamps or causes another boat to capsize, risks disqualification from the competition.

Time / Location

To be confirmed for 2019

To be confirmed for 2019

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